Emanuele Alfieri

alias "Impossibile" was born in Italy in 1980, lives and works in Milan, he use main part of his life to study Art, its history and a lot of possible applications.
At the end of his education (2006) he graduated at Fine Art Brera Accademy of Fine Arts, classical theatre Scenography, lyrics and sets design using the lasts light-show technology systems.
Untill 1997 he sold live art performance, painted props and special moke-up for: IBM, Adidas, Citroen, Renault, Canon, Lexmark, Rinascente, Nestlè, Guru, Audi, Fiera Milano, Asics, Ceres, only listing main brands.
Till 2003 he create hundreds pieces of art and organize his own art-shows and a lot of collective, live painting/assemblage performances and post industrial era art-location events.
Now he produces pieces of art and personal illustrations on demand, communication projects for advertisements, special projects for props and sells impossible ideas (but that could really be realyze) as brain-storm/creative counselor for brands or agencies.

Now his imagination is open to elaborate special subjects, unreal landscape, extreme assemblages, oniric visions of post-industrial human future, fractalic visions that he improve mixing free hand and graphic technologies during studies and final realizations, using a new process technique, called by the artist "Digital dripping".
Anyway Alfieri thinks not only about image particulars, but he looks at all the compositions: each element change its meaning in a suspended universe that amaze the visitors. His painting is a mirror of modern society, a critic and research on human contemporary world: reality is divided in forms and objects and rebuild against physical laws, follow natural fractalic composition.


- "Papaqua"- Castellina Marittima (PI), Tuscany, Italy
- "Hard drawing" - libreria Ulderico Hoeply, Milano, Italy
- "Meta-creations 4 panicvision" – libreria Rizzoli, Milano, Italy
- "Basic Nexus Way" - centenario Pub"Magenta", Milano, Italy
- "Downtown backgrounds" - libreria Ulderico Hoeply, Milano, Italy


- MMM Art Symposium 2012, Medana (SLO).
- Amazing Day 2011, Spazio concept, Milano, Italy.
- "Energia di una generazione" Arte moderna e contemporanea Museum, Praia a Mare (CS)
- D.O.C. "Uomano vs. Animale vegetale", The Bag Artfactory sede, settimana Salone del mobile, Milano

For the full Artist Biography, download the PDF below.
Emanuele Alfieri.pdf (pdf: 74 KB)

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