Alberto Garuffio

Born in Bergamo on 11 January 1979. A graduate of the Lyceum artistic statal of Bergamo (Torquato Tasso )
I finished studies at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in 2004-2005 After attending stage on the hard stone of Grancona (Vicenza) under the leadership of the artist Paul Gallerani, calling the group TheBagArtFactory, (a young Milanese artistic reality in the area Bovisa), where exhibits in 2003 for the first time BAGARRE.
He currently lives and works in Milan.


- REDIVIVA - collective art contemporary - Palace Altieri - Rivello ( pz) , edited by Richard Rietti under the auspices of the municipality
- "Power of a Generation" July 31 August 22 2010 Collective art factory the bag. the Municipal Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Art in Praia a Mare. edited by Richard Rietti under the auspices of the municipality of Praia Mare.
- "Nothing to Lose" 20 to 31 May. 2010 Collective Space ASSAB-ONE Milan by Biokip Gallery.
- "NO EXPLANATION" 14 to 24 April 2010 At the Market Gallery of hazuki-99th Avenue espinasse Milan curated by Luca Sartini.
- BRANDSTORMING N # 3. SAVE THE QUIZ BRAND-storming the Collective Gallery, curated by Joseph Iavicoli (Puzzle4Peace) March 11 to 30, 2010 via corsico 3 MILAN
- The PARKART DAY 20/03/2010in simultaneous with Turin, Rome, Milan, Paris and Lima, Independent streetevent, Temporary Space Expositive MILAN CENTER - via Carrobbio. MILAN 2010
- Staff UMANAGALLERY UNFAIR PROJECT # 1 OPEN DAY Friday, March 26, 2010 Independent streetperformance. MILANO, Piazza Duomo, the Brera Gallery V.Emanuele, MiArt, underground metro-temporary art show

For the full Artist Biography, download the PDF below.
Alberto Garuffio.pdf (pdf: 22.8 KB)

Alberto Garuffio Alberto Garuffio Alberto Garuffio Alberto Garuffio

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